The following list acknowledges all donor contributions made for the time period January 1, 2020 through June 30, 2020. We thank our donors for their generous support!

To learn how your support can make a difference, please email Jamie Cataldo, Director of Individual Giving and Events.

$200,000 AND ABOVE

Vera R. Campbell Foundation

Rosenthal Family Foundation

$100,000 TO $199,999

The Lee Graff Foundation

$50,000 TO $99,999

The Ahmanson Foundation

Alan Berro / Berro Family Charitable Fund

Edward A. & Ai O. Shay Family Foundation

$20,000 TO $49,999

Ameriprise Financial Foundation

Apple, Inc.

Boyce Foundation

California Arts Council

California Community Foundation

City of Los Angeles, Proposition K Maintenance Funds

Department of Cultural Affairs

Eisner Foundation, Inc.

Gilbert Foundation

Max H. Gluck Foundation

Harman Family Foundation

The Mark Hughes Foundation

Warner Music Group / WMG

Wells Fargo Foundation

$10,000 TO $19,999

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Facebook Inc

The Lee Graff Foundation

Wade Killefer

The Harold McAlister Charitable Foundation

Mentors Foundation

Mythical Entertainment


Re:Imagine Incorporated (re-inc)

The Estate of Richard Seidel

Bob Smiland

Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.

Standard Communities

Walter J. and Holly O. Thomson Foundation

U.S. Bank Foundation

$5,000 TO $9,999

Jon Basalone

Bob Bates

Ben B. and Joyce E. Eisenberg Foundation

The Ray and Wyn Ritchie Evans Foundation

Friars Charitable Foundation

The Getty Foundation

Patti & Irwin Jaeger

Jennifer & Rick Madden

Kathi & Jay Mangel

Linda & Eric Schotz

Julie & Tom Stillwell

The Lenart Art Education Foundation

The Summit Series

$1,000 TO $4,999

Angenette Bickley - In Honor of Chrysta Naron

Boys Team Charity, Los Gatos League

The Charitable Foundation

Sy Clarke-Chan

Cambria & Jack Cline*

Jennifer Cooper & Jon Coleman


Heidi Ford

Peter Gal & Jaimie Fauth*

Hrishikesh Hirway

Jack and Victoria Horne Oakie Charitable Foundation

Ignored Prayers x Jean Dawson

Danielle Kayne-Oõgilvie

Rachel Lyle

James Mortensen - In Honor of the Animation Community


Roberto Nickson

Eli Pearl

PLUS Foundation

Elizabeth Small, Serena Hakim, Isabel Maddahi, and Mel & Rose

Morgan Stanley

Steen Family Foundation

Totally Kids Sun Valley*

The Winter Family Fund

Skottie Young - In Honor of Black Lives Matter

$500 TO $999

Sandra Berg*

Rachel Bloom*

Joann Busuttil

Carmen Chan

Matt Chute

Brad Holdgrafer

Huntington Catering

Mark D. Muller

Veronica Pedroza*

Saint Christopher Journeys

Elizabeth Sanders

Joshua Wiener

$100 TO $499

Brenda Ahamad

Amelia Noyes Design


Steve Applebaum

Amanda Archibald*

Artists at Play

Aull Things Jewelry / Sarah K. Chenault*

Auralnauts, LLC

Liza Bercovici and D. M. Axelrad

Kim Baer

Charles Bay

Michael Beene

Richard Bloch

Bradley Boboc

Elizabeth Boykewich*

Phyllis Braxton*

Maria & Peter Bsumek

Dara O Cairbre

Ai-Chan Carrier


Sarah Connick - In Memory of Gabe Wischmeier

Amy Cuenco*

Tina & Dave Dahl*

Mark Davidson - In Memory of Bill Brownfield

Katrina Dela Cruz*

Naomi Despres*

Marcus Dey

Ellen DiResta*

DriveWise Auto

Huwayda Fakhry

Maureen Fisher

Joshua Fornoff

Rachel Frohlking

George Garcia

Anne Geffner

Alex Goldschmidt

Mark Goldstein - In Honor of Barbara "Bobbie" Stern

Daniel Goldstein*

Ryan Green

Nina Hans*

Rona Heifetz

Holli Hornlien Stanton

It's Personal

Justin Izbinski*

Sylvie Josel

Barbara & Richard Karsting

JT Kendall

Anthony King*

David Koz

Karin Liljegren - In Memory of Norma Merrick Sklarek

Meghan & Michael Lloyd

Emma Lumsden

Tyler Lynch

Match Group

Kate McAnnar

Dounia Mikou

Audrey Miller

Craig Morrison*

Michele Mortensen

Lumumba Mosquera


David Nguyen

Michelle & Robert Nydam*

Lindsey Olivares

Faith Olson*

Teresa Ong - In Honor of Sarah Snider

Hayley Osher - In Honor of Caroline New

Ed Patuto

Julie Penman Livesey*

Tiffany Grace Perry - In Honor of Victoria Perry

Ben Phan

Gregory Pinsoneault

Caroline Quach

Alexis Rappaport & Michael Royce*

Pamela Rank

Vivek Reddy

Cassie Riger

Daniel Rubenstein


Joey Scher

Ralph Seta - In Memory of Bill Brownfield

Melinda Smith

Kaveh Soroush*

Sandy Stauffer

Krisheena & DaVonte Suarez*

Harry Summers

Lauren Tappana

Jeanne Teahan - In Memory of Bill Brownfield

Erin Tharp

Liz Tigelaar*

Beth Tishler & Tom Grond*

Lissa Treiman

Susan Truong Wong

Mark Wales

Mary Wilcox

Sean Williams

Jane & Charles Wiser - In Honor of Bob Smiland

Caroline Wright - In Honor of Charley Cochrane

Jeff Yorke*

(*) indicates sustaining monthly donor

If any omission has been made, please contact Jenifer Fleming, Manager of Individual and Events Giving.

“I used to be a music teacher before getting into animation, and I cannot possibly put into words how important I believe arts education and resources are for all kids. I believe in your mission 100% and am incredibly honored to have an opportunity to support it!”

– Travis Marks, Donor & Storyboard Artist, DreamWorks Animation Television