For students, by students! Work of Art student employees are creating free artistic resources for families and educators to inspire hope and improved mental health.

Ignited by situational social distancing, the mental health and wellness of youth and families is being challenged. Inner-City Arts aims to be a source of inspiration and hope for those we serve, providing tangible ongoing mental health and wellness strategies that remain relevant even after “shelter in place” orders are relaxed.

In direct consultation with a mental health professional, and under the creative guidance of Inner-City Arts staff, our Work of Art student employees and alumni (called "Enterprisers") were commissioned to create a catalog of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) across a range of mental health and wellness topics:

  • Self-Care
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Loneliness, Isolation & Social Distancing
  • Trauma & Becoming Trauma-Informed
  • Suicidality

Through both digital and print formats, student-employees designed these PSA ads for the benefit of fellow young people and those who care about them—families and educators—to inspire hope, positivity, optimism, peace, and encouragement. The work is candid, joyful, informative, loving, earnest, animated, optimistic, outspoken, and offbeat in an artistic way. Above all, we lovingly call these "Public Student Announcements" because they are messages for young people created by young people.

We hope you'll find these free resources useful in your classrooms, homes, and online networks. If posting online to social media, please tag our content for attribution: @innercityarts #artspace_ica.

Should you have any questions about this content, or would like to commission Work of Art students for a creative project, please reach Work of Art Associate Director, Holli Hornlien, at holli@inner-cityarts.org.