Arts Educator Training For Youth

Are you in high school and interested in learning more about how to teach the arts, not just do them?

Come check out these workshops and learn some fundamentals of teaching through the arts. You’ll learn how to engage students, create lessons in the arts, test your own ideas and have a good time doing it in a safe and non judgmental environment.

We’ll meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. (Let’s take a break on Wednesday.) You’ll also have the opportunity to observe teaching artists from Inner-City Arts as they engage learners in art-making and learning through different arts forms on our campus.

Check back here for updates soon!

"The ideas and experiences in this class will transform my English class when I begin the new school year. It is clear to me that time spent on creative projects followed by reflection is time well spent because the arts help the students remember and express what they have learned. More importantly, the arts allow the students to express themselves, not simply as English students, but as complete persons."

– Tony D., High school English teacher