Welcome to our Fall 2021 Art Share!

This session had us continue to be responsive to our community health concerns and the need to collaborate and create, so we offered our classes in “hybrid” mode.

Congratulations to all of our students who, with perseverance, grit, determination and passion have managed to keep making art despite all circumstances. And to those who continue with us, whether on zoom or on our campus. We appreciate you!

Here you will find some representative work from our classes. Whether they tapped into their emotional landscape or drew inspiration from the actual landscape, our students used what they saw, felt, thought, touched and imagined to discover new skills and express themselves.

Here we honor the work you see and also the work you may not see: the effort, resilience, mindfulness and growth that comes with engaging in the arts.

Congratulations to our 2021 Fall Institutes students for tapping into your greatest resource during this time and for all time: your creativity!

Let's look at some art!

Check out your own class or any other class you are curious about!

Not all student work may be represented. Shout out to our Inner-City Arts Youth!


Drawing Fundamentals & Building Blocks of Graphic Design

Teaching Artists: Ashley Margo & Eva Perez

In this unique class, students learned about the fundamentals of art and graphic design. From simple to complex two-dimensional works, they learned to use simple art materials and techniques and through the art-making process, they learned to observe, focus and develop their fine motor skills as they were empowered to take risks and make artistic choices.

Making a How-To-Video

Teaching Artist: Kristy Messer

In this class, students explored different methods of making tutorial videos and created their own from concept to final edit. All students created slime tutorial videos, and for their final project they chose their own topic. A sample of student videos can be seen below!

Postcard and Stamp Design

Teaching Artist: Ashley Margo

In this class, students created multimedia postcards for friends and family and designed stamps. They explored visual communication design, developed an understanding of the relationship of contemporary to classic postcard design, examined the history of stamps and modern stamp production techniques, and more. The work seen are student reflections on art and design precedence.

Exploring POV

Teaching Artist: Karina Mata

Over the last 10 weeks students played with Point of View by using a variety of camera angles, camera shot sizes, camera lenses, and light sources. They explored the effects these photography elements have on the point of view of a photo - including the overall emotion, tone, mood, and story of a photo. Students learned to incorporate different elements of photo composition - such as Rule of Thirds, Balance, and Symmetry - to capture strong photographs. These are their photo series!

All About Light

Teaching Artist: Karina Mata

In this class, students became best friends with light. They explored the way light affects photos by experimenting with different light sources, noticing differences using natural light and artificial light, and paying attention to the effects of quality of light (hard, harsh light vs. soft, diffused light) and direction of light (front, side, back, top/overhead).

Art Exploration Through Mixed Media

Teaching Artist: Rebecca Tager

We took a journey through the creative process as students explored a variety of materials and techniques for two-dimensional and three-dimensional expressions. Students made a variety of works, everything from drawing found objects, to mandalas, to clay sculptures. They explored art skills and creativity while grounding in the social emotional benefits of making.

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